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From low to high
Thursday didn't start that well. Nearly the whole team overslept and the energy level was really low. Still God used us. We went to the Volksgarten again with new partners with whom we didn't do that much before. This was especially effective for Jojo and Olli, who could talk a lot. They found out that they didn't know a lot about each other. In the park we could have some cool conversations with people from Greenpeace as well as a guy from Vier Pfoten who was very interested. Nate and Lydia could talk to a guy who was, in the end, so close to giving his life to Jesus, "nothing is holding me back," yet still wanted to wait to make a decision. During our time in the park, our Egyptian fellows enjoyed the community with the family (blog 3) and the pastor of an Arabic church. 

The youth evening event was better organized than the last one. Paul prepared the message for this evening. He didn't know that so many kids were coming, but God still has his plans as Paul took his sketch board with him (it is a visual way to share a story, therefore it is easier to concentrate). A really interested boy said that he loves Jesus a lot and he understands the four points, but he has a big problem: his name, which is a Muslim name, and his family. We can pray for that boy. After the youth evening, it was just our team sitting in the room, when Olli, July and Jana started playing music. This developed into a private concert from Olli. A special event with a lot of fun for our team.

Our last day started as all the others. Something unique, however, happened in the team time as we were tested how much we know about Egypt. All of us failed! Haha. After the quiz our Egyptian fellows played a game with us. Furthermore we had the honor to be visited by Bernie, Kunze and Petra. The two men went with us on Outreach in Volksgarten where we had a few good conversations again. The day was quite good, but the evening surpassed everything. There were more than ninety people present and only a small part came from church! The others were mainly neighbors and people we invited on the street. It was so amazing how God was using us even if we don't think we could do anything. God blessed us with good conversations and such a cool last evening.

All in all we are really thankful for the blessed time, where we could learn a lot and so many people could hear the Gospel. We were thankful that God gave us so much unity in spirit despite being a team from five different nations. Thanks to God for a blessed time. 


-Pray for the people we could talk to that the word we spread continues to grow in their hearts.

-Pray also that we as a team can rest and recover, but keep the fire burning in our hearts in these next days, weeks, and months.

-Pray for those who received Jesus into their hearts to become disciples of him and for someone to actively disciple them.

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