Sweat love in Linz

Our first ReachAUT day (Thursday) started pretty spectaculair. We were invited to a church-member's home. As we were all really tired our motivation-level was not that high, but as soon as we opened the door to their balcony we were overwhelmed. It was on top of the building, one had a good view and because the sun was setting at that    time the sky was amazingly beautiful. We had a nice time with a few church-members and after food we went back to the church were we are staying at.

Still we didn't go to sleep right away. Our three amazing Egyptians were standing on the balcony until Mary came in and asked: "Excuse me. Are there any thieves here?" We found out that two guys were jumping over the fence of the company area next to the church. 

They were looking at all the cars and then one of them opened the gate and went away with a motorcycle. We all found that really strange, therefore we called the police. While July was on the phone the other guy went into a car and wanted to start the motor. In that moment one police car arrived.   The guy in the car turned of the lights again, but it was too late already. In the next second several cars arrived and around fifteen policemen jumped out carrying their pistols.

In the end, we found out that the guy had extremely high blood alcohol content. That was an exciting incident happening already on the first night.

5 reasons for sweat (" a zaumgschweißts Team")

  1. After showering, which we obviously did together as we are a team (insider), we were really hot, because of the weather and the humidity.
  2. A few of us went shopping to decorate the room for the youth evening. Unfortunately our amazing driver July couldn't work out how to go backwards in the car of Simon. This caused a lot of sweat for all of us- haha.
  3. Insa was sweating as well as there was a bit of trouble about lunch. Finally it all worked out well and we could enjoy a delicious meal.
  4. After lunch we went to our first outreach. God went with us. In this way many good conversations were possible. Jana and Jojo went by bus to reach people there and all the others went up to people in two shopping centers. We were pretty nervous, but God still used us and gave us many good conversations.
  5. Finally, when the youth evening started no one was there who wasn't part of the church. (Sweat!) Therefore, David, Olli and Lydia went to invite people from the neighborhood. Jana and Chris were welcoming people and as they were waiting Jana had the strong feeling that David will come back with a group of people. God is so great. He brought a group of kids which were for the whole evening. We already started, when after a while two 15 year olds, who we met on the street, arrived. They live near the church, but they have never been here before. After the program they had to leave right away, but they told us to be back soon. Some of us didn't think they would come, but they showed up! We had a very good conversation with them. They asked for our testimonies and we could also ask them about their opinion of good and evil. It was amazing and very encouraging for us that they came and we could talk. Moreover, they even wanted to help us the next days and said they will come again. It was such a blessing that God sent them here. How great is our God! Isn't he?

5 Prayer Requests:
  1. For an outreach with many conversations- especially with Arabic speaking people 
  2. That people will come the youth event- also the ones who were invited the last day on the streets
  3. For Carlos and Benji (the two guys that came to the last youth evening) as they really seemed interested in helping us out and inviting their friends
  4. For protection and health in our team
  5. Mhm...         ... For some odd reason our team never manages to come up with a last point.              So ... pray whatever God lies on your heart to pray for!

Thank you so much for your support!

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