Update from Linz

Saturday Morning was as usual: we got up, did quiet time, went to have a shower, which was funny because after showering we dried ourselves and as we went back to church we got all wet again as it was raining, in church we ate our breakfast and then we had teamtime.

For Outreach we decided to go to the Pluscity as it was raining the whole day. For this reason we nearly didn't get a parking spot. In the end we could find one and then we split up in groups. We were probably the only ones who were thankful for so many people, as the building was overcrowded. God used us to talk to many people. There were a lot of deep conversations as well.

Nasreen, Nancy and Mary could find a bunch of Arab people with whom they could share the gospel. They even met a woman who went to the same church as Nasreen goes to in Egypt!

It's naptime after a hard outreach
Some boys from the neighborhood came to the youth evening as well as four boys, who arrived after the youth event. One kid from the neighborhood talked to one of our team after the program. It was amazing: in that night Nemanja gave his life to Christ. We could also have a very good conversation with the four boys where we could share the gospel.
Even though we all were really tired, stressed out, demotivated or overwhelmed, God gave us strength and helped us to share his word.

Sunday - The strength of prayer
In the morning we took part in the church service of the Rhema church. One thing that stuck out to us was the prayer. At first there was prayer for us as a team, then there was prayer for parents of kids in the age of 5-10, as the church starts a kids club in September, then there was prayer for the surrounding area and the kids living there, then there was prayer for the kids club leaders and in the end there was prayer for two people from church going to another country to share the gospel there.

It was really touching as later that day we went on outreach and talked to a lot of kids, who were really open. We even talked to a group of girls twice. We found out that David is gifted in talking to kids. During Outreach he could talk to boys who then gave their lives to Jesus. Nearly all the kids who we invited came to the youth event plus three other people whose dad is a church member. Those three were really close to a decision for Christ. A real blessing was that a fourteen year old from church helped us and set up lights and a bunch of other technical things for the youth event. As every day we were tired and exhausted, but God still worked through us and made the whole day to a big blessing.

David with the kids

Monday - The restore energy program
This day was the deserved break. We slept in and at half past ten we ate brunch together. After the meal we packed our stuff and went to a lake were we stayed for the whole day. We went swimming, played on the water islands (FOR FREE since there was no one at the lake that day) chilled on the beach and played games. The day passed quickly. In the evening we went to the Krömers place and ate pizza there. On the way we met some kids from the neighborhood. They went up to us and hugged us or started talking to us. It was funny, that the parents asked if we are looking for kids again! (We are famous ;))

All in all we are glad that we could rest for a day and we are looking forward to God's great work being at work in the next days.

Pray for
  • more people our age at the youth evenings
  • people accepting Jesus as their savior (especially the ones we could speak to over the past days on youth evenings/ on the street)
  • Strength and motivation in our team for the last days

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